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Dr. Aimee Sanchez-Zadak speaks on specialized topics.  She finds value in helping athletes find themselves in and outside of their careers.

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Helping Athletes

Dr. Aimee Sanchez-Zadak is trusted not only for her wisdom on mental health but also because of her research on the topic.  She has spoken for Tedx NSU and used her research to help people in educational and professional settings.

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Research-Based Wisdom

Dr. Aimee Sanchez-Zadak is an inspirational speaker who provides professionals with tools for success using her experience as an entrepreneur and researcher.

‚ÄčCount Down to High School

Count Down to  College

Count Down for Athletes

Count Down to a new Career

Count Down to Parents with Teenagers

Count Down to a Goal Setting

Count Down to a New Baby

Count Down to Starting Life over

Count Down to Saying Good-bye

Count Down to Me and Editing my Life

Please contact  aimee@aimeezadak.com for details about the topics mentioned above.