I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.  While going through my diagnosis and treatment, I used the tools I learned in my own research and life experiences to help me with coping strategies.  I have since been cancer free and use what I have learned to help those who have been diagnosed, those who have survived, and those who are caretakers to those with breast cancer. 

I continue to be an advocate for women’s choices in healthcare and believe that if we take the time to understand who we are we can then move forward in resolving our professional, emotional, and personal roadblocks.

- Aimee Sanchez-Zadak

Dr. Zadak and Dr. Silver

  Two educators share a vision to help others with breast cancer.

Marcia and I met a year after my surgery at one of my speaking engagements.  We instantly connected and shared a common bond in wanting to relieve the fear, anxiety, and irrational thoughts we as females go through before, during, and after diagnosis.  Our goal was simple...let's talk about our boobs!   And so we do.

The key to saving any life that may deal with cancer is early diagnosis.  The story Marcia and I continue to hear is that FEAR prevents women from getting an early diagnosis.  Our goal is simple, educate, educate, educate.  Early detection, understanding something is "off", and talking to those who can support you can lead to a very successful recovery with minimal invasive procedures.  


- Aimee Sanchez-Zadak

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