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Making a Difference

Aimee strives to improve the lives of everyone.  We all have the power to make a difference.  A coach helps enhance the power you have in yourself to succeed.

Success with a mental health coach can change your life, your soul, and your spirit. A career coach can educate you by identifying who you are and taking you through the steps into success. Success is all about you. It is what you believe it to be. It's about understanding who you are. It's about creating an environment that will cheer you into the career you want.

Educating You About You

- College Athletes

- Professional Athletes

- College Students Transitioning in the Business World

- High School Students Transitioning to College

- Individuals with Transitioning Life Issues

Let's start the Count Down to your success now!

I work with adolescent and adults in reaching their goals every day. If you would like more information about working with me as your coach and educator you can reach me at‚Äč

Additional Coaching Provided For...

You don't stop.  So why should you stop making goals?  A success coach can help you make goals for every stage of your life.  Each more impressive than the last.

Coaching Topics and Resources

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Adolescent CoachingThree-day seminar in setting goals geared to their success goals. The key to success is to understanding who you are. What better time than during your adolescent years?

Career Coaching - Changing careers is difficult. If a change is needed why not make sure it is the right one. Many of us place much time and energy in trying to create career changes that will ultimately lead us to the exact same place we were when we 
wanted to change. Make the career choice that will make you happy and successful.

Family Coaching - All families have challenges. The key to the family dynamics is understanding how different each member of the family is.

Interpersonal Coaching - We communicate all day. 80% of our communication is non-verbal. Learn to communicate and to understand what those around you are saying without speaking a word.

Life Editing Coaching - We all experience things that challenge our energy and expectations on a day to day basis. Understanding how to recover from "life happens" situations is a key to your road to success.  You write the story and together we work on editing into the perfect ending.